Brasil - Jhonata Oliveira

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  • Farm: Jhonata Oliveira
  • Location: Boa Esperanca/South of Minas
  • Altitude: 990 (masl)
  • Process: Natural
  • Varietal: Red Catuai

Cupping Notes

Nutty, red apple, marzipan, dark chocolate, peach, honey

More Information

Jhonata Oliveira is the owner of the farm ''Paiol Queimado'' in the region of the city of Boa Esperança, South of Minas. Jhonata has always been passionate about
coffee growing since his early teens. Due to this passion, he began an incessant
search for professional improvements, taking several courses and training that
enabled his remarkable evolution in the world of coffee. As a result of this dedication, Jhonata feels happy to be able to sell his coffee around the world, delighting consumers with the quality of the drink provided.

After harvesting, the coffee was placed in terraces for 10 days. After this time, the
coffee was finished in the rotary dryer at a temperature of 28°C for 3 days. After
drying (11% moisture), the coffee rested for 5 days before being processed in the

The Cocatrel Cooperative was founded in 1961 in Tres Pontas and has now grown to the second largest Cooperative in Brazil. The objective was to defend cooperativism and, through it, benefit, standardize, store and sell the coffee production of its members, promoting and defending their economic, professional interests and social well-being. There are over 6000 members who are part of the cooperative. All the coffee are electronically tagged and recorded on delivery with a unique QR code giving full traceability on all the coffees for the growers to know exactly where their coffee is. Over 50% of the members of the cooperative grow coffee on land that is less than 10 Ha in size.

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