Our Story

pobl  (Welsh) people

poblado  (Spanish) town, village, community, humanity

Poblado represents the kind of place in which we want to live and work; where the quality of our produce is equally important to the relationships we develop with our customers, suppliers, and of course the producers themselves.

Chapter 1:

Our story started back in 2003 when we lived in El Poblado, a neighbourhood in the amazing Colombian city of Medellin. Spending time at a coffee farm, learning all that goes into our daily drink, was the beginning of our voyage of discovery into the fascinating world of coffee.


After many years of further travel and adventure we finally settled in a beautiful corner of North Wales. The front of the house delivers some spectacular sunsets over the Irish Sea, while our back garden opens on to Eryri National Park, one of the greatest playgrounds in the British Isles. From this beautiful place we aim to stay connected to the global village by bringing some of its finest coffee beans right here to Eryri, to be lovingly roasted and blended.


Chapter 2:
After 3 years of roasting in the ‘cwt coffi’ at the end of the garden, it was time to move to a slightly bigger location, as well as upgrade our roaster to keep up with demand. Now we find ourselves in the old Quarrymen’s barracks in Nantlle, one of the most stunning valleys in the entire Eryri National Park. We are often greeted with what is in our opinion, the best view of Yr Wyddfa , and now do all our roasting from here.

If you are in the area, our doors are always open for those coffee lovers who want to come and learn a bit more about how this wonderful beverage gets from seed to your cup!