Compostable Packaging

For several years we have become increasingly concerned about the amount of waste we as a company generate, especially when it comes to our packaging. After searching for some time, we believe we have found a solution which not only keeps the coffee protected and fresh but is made from material that can be fully composted, including the 1-way valve.

Our new bags are made from Kraft paper as before, but rather than an inner layer of plastic, foil and glue, there is now a completely natural layer of PLA (polylactic acid), which is a resin that comes from renewable sources, such as corn, sugar cane, and sugar beet. PLA is fully compostable, breaking down within 90 days in a commercial facility.

We have moved away from sticky labels, which are often harmful to the environment due to the toxicity of the glue used and have decided to add an info card to each coffee to differentiate between them. We are currently doing this with a staple, which is now the only part of our packaging which cannot be composted!