Cultivating Ethical Relationships with Agri Evolve

Cultivating Ethical Relationships with Agri Evolve

At Poblado Coffi, we believe in fostering ethical relationships with our suppliers. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that your coffee is sourced responsibly all the way from seed to cup.

"Back in 2018 I was contacted by Martin from the Rwenzori Coffee Co. who told me about a project his son was involved with in the Rwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda, working with farmers to improve the quality of their produce and open up access to the UK coffee market with Martin as their UK agent. This, I thought was right up our street so requested samples and being pleased with the quality, we started buying a few bags of their natural processed coffee as our offering from Uganda.

Over the following years we have increased the volume of what we buy from the Rwenzori region and I was very keen to get out there to see the project for myself. The global pandemic put a halt to our plans for a few years, but I finally got out there at the end of 2022 and was truly blown away by how far the project has come in the relatively short time Jonny has been there. It truly hit home how impactful the specialty coffee industry can be to people's lives when the producers are put at the heart of decision making. By now we buy considerably more coffee from the Rwenzori and we pay an additional 50p for every kilo of green coffee which goes directly into the additional community and environmental projects which have been set up by Agri evolve." Steffan - Poblado Coffi

Agri Evolve Ltd is a profit for purpose business working with farmers in Uganda,  improving yields, increasing income and raising the quality of life for farmers, their families and their communities. They are mainly involved in the coffee sector and presently work with over 15,000 smallholder farmers. They are committed to the local communities where they work and to the environment of the Rwenzori region.

Since 2018 Agri Evolve have been bringing green coffee beans from the Rwenzori region of Uganda to the UK. Working alongside farmers helping them improve their production of specialty arabica coffee, which is now regarded as some of the best in the whole of East Africa.

The coffee from the Rwenzori region of Uganda both Natural and Washed is typically very clean, well balanced with a good body and fruity notes.

Agri Evolve have set out on a 10 year programme called ACE 2023. Focusing on the integral links between:




ACE 2030 sets out their involvement in each area, and defines their strategy for the next decade. It will show how their work has an impact not only for farmers but for communities throughout this region, and the environment where they live and work. Broad aims have been established for ACE 2030, and more detailed targets are set for each year. Progress will be reported to all stakeholders on an annual basis.

Latest information about ACE 2030 found here:

ACE 2030


Agri Evolve are a family business. Jonny is the Managing Director, living and working in Uganda along with his sister Beth. Martin is based in the UK providing support for the Ugandan team and is developing direct links between the coffee farmers and UK coffee roasters. Green coffee is imported and sold to Roasters under the ‘Rwenzori Coffee Co’ trading name. In Uganda there is now a team of over 80 staff, including Agronomists and Field Officers, Technicians and Quality Control, Accountants, Special Projects Staff, and a large Production Team.