Poblado Coffi Refill Jar & Christmas Blend

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Beautiful personalised Poblado Coffi thick glass jar with natural acacia wood lid.

At Poblado we're always making environmentally conscious choices. This year as part of our Christmas hamper collection we've got our own Poblado Coffi jars! We want to encourage the use of our refill jars so that not only does your coffee get pride and place in a beautiful jar in your kitchen but we can all save on waste a little bit at a time.


These jars can hold up to 500g (approximately) of coffee. 

Bring your personilised Poblado Coffi jar to us and we'll refill it with a coffee of your choice for £10 for 500g. 


What's Included : 

1.2L Jar with personalised wooden lid

500g Christmas Blend https://pobladocoffi.co.uk/products/christmas-blend in a cellulose bag (food grade, biodegradable, compostable, made in the uk)


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