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We're very pleased to collaborate with local artist Crochendy Bethesda based over the hills from us in the Ogwen valley. These beautifully hand crafted ceramic cups have been inspired by the landscapes that surround us in North Wales. 

Choose from:

- Dark Slate Grey


Light Green / Blue 


*Dimensions and colors will vary slightly*

Hug Mug size - Height 65mm x Width top 87mm (Aeropress will fit on top!)


About the artist: 


 Ian Dodgson

b. 1957

Ian Dodgson worked in ceramics from the age of 14, under the guidance of Dick Unsworth of Ingleton Pottery. From the age of 25 he bought and sold fine arts and had various galleries in the North of England.

In the late 90s he started developing Ceramica Mogan Pottery and in January 2005 took over part of Cerámica in Mogán (Gran Canaria, Spain) as his studio. In 2003 he decided to share his passion for art. This website is the result.

"Cerámica Mogán" pottery, designed and hand-thrown by Ian Dodgson, was sold at Cerámica's shop in Gran Canaria and via the website.

In October 2016 Ian opened Crochendy Bethesda on the High Street in Bethesda, North Wales, where he makes and sells a wide range of hand-thrown pots.




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