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The Quarrymen's Barracks in Nantlle, built in the 1860s, were once home to the many slate quarrymen working in Dorothea Quarry. Since 2016 however, they have been our home and base, and where all our coffee is roasted, tasted and packed by hand. 


We are always experimenting with different coffees here in the Barracks, and 'Blend Y Barics' is an opportunity for us to share with you when we hit on something we really like.

Blend Y Barics is our seasonal blend, and an alternative to our signature Espresso Blend. Though designed for espresso, Blend Y Barics makes for a delightful Aeropress, Stovetop, or Cafetiere. 

As winter rolls in this seasons blend is sure to keep you warm, blending our well loved washed single origin 'Rwanda Bwenda', with our beautiful and trusted Brazilian naturally processed coffee, 'Fazenda Pantano'. The resulting cup is bursting with flavour, full bodied and complex, deep yet sweet. We love how this coffee transforms itself with and without milk from a bright and citrusy espresso, to a deeply chocolatey and indulgent latte.  

Blend Y Barics will change with the seasons and harvests, so come along for the ride and enjoy what we're drinking at the roastery. 

Cupping Notes

Without Milk: Orange, Marzipan, Bright and Citrusy
With Milk: Rich Chocolate Cake, Toffee Sweetness, Hazelnut Finish

Brewing Suggestions:
-Espresso (18.6g dose - 29s extraction)
-Aeropress (18.5g)
-Cafetiere (17.5g per 250ml)

More Information:

Brazil, Fazenda Pantano: 
Located in the heart of the Cerrado, Fazenda Pântano stands tall at an altitude of 1,150 meters. This vast farm encompasses 550 hectares of land, out of which over 300 hectares are dedicated to preserving natural forest reserves. Remarkably, this is six times more than the legal mandate according to Brazilian laws. But what truly sets Fazenda Pântano apart is its commitment to sustainability and precision agriculture. The farm utilizes GPS technology to ensure soil health, accurately delivering nutrients where they are most needed. Furthermore, it employs environmentally-friendly methods such as using honey-based insecticides to ward off pests. Beyond agriculture, Fazenda Pântano is deeply rooted in its community. It backs a local school, offering numerous training programs and courses for its staff, ensuring their well-being with comprehensive health care provisions. Fazenda Pântano is a shining example of how modern farming techniques can coexist with traditional values and community welfare. It stands as a beacon in the world of coffee, showcasing the balance between nature, nurture, and innovation

Rwanda Bwenda:
187km south-west of Kigali city, through the foothills and rice fields and into the Land of a Thousand Hills is the Bwenda washing station. The station employs 3 people full-time, including Eric, with the addition of providing seasonal work for around 60 casual workers during the harvest season. Women account for around 85% of the labour force at Bwenda, and we asked if this was because the work required less physical labour than other roles on the station Eric replied “No, they are just better at it than the men”. 
in 2022 1600 smallholder farmers local to Bwenda were contributing cherry to the station. Farm sizes ranged from just 100 trees to 7000 trees (around 3 hectares), and the farms lay between 0.5km to 4km away. To enable farmers to contribute cherry in spite of access to the station from farms or issues of mobility, the site provides collection points and site collectors who gather cherry from across 20 locations. Collectors will inspect and weigh deliveries of cherry and pay the farmers straight away. All 1600 farmers using Bwenda have completed or are current participants in the Agribusiness Training Program.

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