Welsh Farmhouse

Welsh Farmhouse

The house on our blends label is based on a traditional house seen throughout the Welsh countryside.

More often than not, its farmhouses that look like this one that date from between the 17th and 18th centuries, built from the materials local to them.  In Snowdonia for example, it’s difficult to find a similar dwelling without slate from the area’s world-famous quarries on the roof.

Of course, these coffees weren’t grown in Snowdonia, but they were chosen and blended by us there to create our signature Espresso, House and Decaffeinated blends.

All three are chosen for different purposes; Espresso for suitable machines and Moka pots, our house blend is specifically for filter brewing, and the Decaffeinated is intended for those of us intent on avoiding the effects of the caffeine natural to coffee.

The components change with the seasons to ensure consistency of flavour and freshness throughout the year.