Our Houses

Our Houses

Sometimes, when we meet new customers, they ask what’s the significance of the little houses on our coffee bags, as well as a Spanish name on a welsh company.

The idea to call the company ‘Poblado Coffi’ came to Steffan when he was teaching English in Colombia. He lived in a little town called El Poblado in Mendellin. The word loosely translates to English as town, village, community or humanity. And the astute amongst you will recognise the connection to the welsh ‘pobl’ (people).

To us, the name represents the kind of place in which we want to live and work; where the quality of our produce is equally important to the relationships we develop with our customers, suppliers, and of course the producers themselves.

In the end, it’s the people that make a coffee special. And the little houses represent the diversity of ways of living in the world that contribute to our favourite drink.

For the next few weeks we''ll be releasing a series of blog posts all about the inspiration behind our little houses.  We hope you enjoy!