A depiction of a Latin American coffee Hacienda, common in central and South America is what you’ll see on our range of coffees from that continent.

The word originates from the Spanish word ‘hacer’, which means ‘to make’ or ‘be making’, and is used to describe the plantations, mines and factories from the time of Spanish colonization and beyond.  Despite the muddy history of the 18th century onwards, ownership of these farms is today increasingly in the hands of locals (and not the colonizers and their descendants), especially in speciality coffee.  We prioritize ethical trading practices when choosing coffee from all origins.

Because of the prominence of the coffee industry in central and south America, a very wide range is available.  Every variable in the process, from varietal to farming practices can create endless flavours, but we tend towards coffees with buttery body, chocolatey smoothness and hints of malic acidity.

Presently, we offer coffees from Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru in our Americas range.  All have their individual characters to be enjoyed, available from our website and your local stockists. 

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