Batak House

Batak House

You’ll see a building from the Batak architectural tradition on our bags of Indonesian coffee.

Their boat-shaped roofs and stilts underneath are typical of rice houses, halls and communal homes in the Batak culture of Northern Sumatra, which is the country’s most westerly island.  Although the residents there tend to live in modern houses these days, the image of these unique houses is a symbol of their ancient culture.

Despite originating from far-away-Africa, there is a flourishing coffee industry in Sumatra (which is Indonesia’s largest producer) which meant they were the fourth-largest-producer worldwide in 2014.  Their mountainous landscape and the fact they’re on the equator mean that coffee is ideally suited in the micro-climates created by the heat and altitude.

Since the early days of Poblado Coffi an Indonesian offering (North Sumatra usually) has been a staple to our varied range.  Because of the low acidity and full body expected of Sumatran coffee, it suits a slightly darker roast for those of us who enjoy a smokier flavour, or it can be mixed with a more acidic coffee for a beautiful blend.

Presently, we have a bean from Atu Litang, North Sumatra for you to enjoy.