Xie Shan House

Xie Shan House

Similar to many other architectural traditions from across the world, the different designs of houses are inseparable from status and class in China.  This particular type, with its lavish round tiles and curved edges which are called Xie Shan roofs are characteristic of halls, temples and official buildings second only to one other style in the country’s class structure.

We chose it to represent our Chinse offering because of its unmistakeably Chinese symbolism, as well as their prominence in Yunnan Province, where the vast majority of the coffee is grown and where Steff visited recently.  During his visit, he learnt about their flourishing coffee industry, which has begun earning plaudits for the high quality from across the world.

Mabey you associate China with tea growing, but there are similarities in their growing requirements.  Generally, tea needs to be grown higher in cooler temperatures while coffee needs the heat and higher altitudes.  This means that Yunnan, which is a mountainous area in South China bordering with Myanmar and Vietnam (which are also prolific coffee growers) is perfect for the country’s young industry.

At the moment we offer a coffee from Lafu in Yunnan which has a beautiful complexity to showcase the strength of choice that originates from the Country.


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