Colombia - Los Parceros

Colombia - Los Parceros

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  • Farms: El Eden & El Molino
  • Varietal: Castillo & Colombia
  • Location: Nr. Jardin, Antioquia
  • Altitude: 1900 - 2050m
  • Process: Washed

Cupping Notes

Plum, red cherry and toffee with a smooth milk chocolate body

More Information

'Los Parceros' traslates as 'The Partners' or in Antioquia it is used to express 'the lads or fellas', and is a great name for this joint-venture coffee from neighbours Jaime Castellano and Mateo Marulanda.

We were lucky enough to visit both El Eden and El Molino a few years ago and their coffee just keeps getting better. Both have received support from Falcon Coffee to improve their drying facilities, and they have been working closely with Co-op Andes in getting their coffee to market.

Mateo & Jaime are part of the New Generation Growers run by the Cooperativa Andes who they are members with. The Coop which is one of the biggest in Colombia with 6000 members is very socially focused and is one of the first in Colombia to begin a pension fund for its members. They have received support and training as young producers (18-30) to stay in coffee and continue coffee production and not leave for cities like Medellin (4 hours away). As they are also recognised for their quality these two farms are also part of their micro lot program receiving extra technical advice to help produce the best coffee for higher premiums. Mateo Marulanda this past year also became the representative for the region at the Cooperative being elected by his farming peers.