Colombia - El Filo

Colombia - El Filo

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  • Farm: El Filo
  • Varietal: Caturra, Castillo & Colombia
  • Location: La Sierrita, Giraldo, Antioquia
  • Altitude: 2000m
  • Process: Washed

Cupping Notes

Blackberry, dark chocolate with a heavy toffee body.

More Information

Finca El Filo owned by Alfredo De Jesus Lopez sits high in the Andes in the North West of Antioquia. This small 2 Ha farm situated at 2000 masl has a reputation for producing excellent specialty coffees and often stands out on the table.

Alfredo is a member of the Cooperativa de Caficultores del Occidente de Antioquia (COOPENOCC) which supports its members who all mainly work and live on small 1ha farms growing the varietals castillo, colombia and caturra. The cooperative was formed in May 1987 with producers coming together as they were dissatisfied with options for selling and marketing of their coffees. The cooperative has currently 3,414 active Associates and is present in 13 municipalities and 5 townships in the West of Antioquia.

During the harvest Alfredo and the workers on the farm take special care in selecting the ripe cherry before then taking it to the micro beneficiary on the small farm. Here the coffee is then floated and cleaned before being pulped and left to ferment overnight. The coffee is then washed and more immature/floating beans removed before then being placed in a drying tent or a mechanical drying chest depending on the climate and weather.