Reaction to COVID-19

While everyone has started self-isolating, luckily, we’ve been doing so for years here in remote Nantlle.  Therefore, we intend to continue for as long as the situation allows to roast and supply everyone with coffee whatever their situation.  Of course, we will be more vigilant than ever of our hygiene practices; for our own protection as well as the health of everyone with aa connection to Poblado Coffi.

On a more serious note, we are aware of the strain put upon, and the detrimental and far-reaching effect COVID-19 will have on all our customers and faithful suppliers.  During the coming months, we ask that you consider how we can ensure that our favourite shops, cafes and restaurants can survive, doing everything we can within the limitations put upon us.  Maybe buy vouchers for future use or buying take away for you, family and friends.

We’ll be introducing changes to our website to make ordering online easier and we’re also thinking of ways we as a company can contribute to the heroic efforts of NHS staff during the coming months, which will be announcing shortly.
On a more immediate note, reach out to those in your community who may need assistance, especially those who may be vulnerable.  Check to see if there are local Facebook groups in your community to help each other through these uncertain times. This is a time for unity!

Remember, together we’ll get through this! 

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